I have been a rancher since 1978. (I have 4000 pieces broiler per turn).

I had the above problems:

1./  We had to butcher and process 30-40 chicken per turn for ourself because we like the high quality delicious chicken meat.

2./  The farmer aginst the meat-packing trusts is in defencelessness situation because he got low price for the farm produces.

I'm aware of this and I investigated the german english and american poultry processing technologies. The result is (in few words): poor. I began to develop a poultry plucking machine what you can use at the little meat-packing and farms.

My aim: Developing and creating little poultry plucking machines which can removes even the strong feathers, so there is no need to pluck manually afterwards. After the procedure the product will be high quality and the skin will be unhurt and intact.

The Invention Office approved of my results. They gave me a patent for my machines. But my topmost result that the pleased users who can make high quality poultry-meat profitable and with low costs.

Gál, Ferenc